Here's what others are saying about Excel Fitness:

Juliet Powell-Clark TestimonialAll I can say for a first timer is I have always felt supported and accepted with Team Excel! Thank you for doing such an amazing job Asha! I’m so glad I chose you as my coach!

— Juliet Powell Clark

Heidi MacDonald TestimonialAsha is the kindest most encouraging coach I’ve had! Her knowledge in her field is vast, and she cares about her athletes mental and emotional well being as well as physical. With her help and guidance I’ve managed a few competitions and continue to have a blast participating in this sport!

— Heidi Macdonald

Trent Larson TestimonialI did my own diet for the 2013 Muscle Beach show in October, won my class, but just was not as big and sharp as I wanted. So I figured why not work with the man I used as motivation. In February of 2014 I took the step of working with Team Excel.  I placed 2nd at provincials in the light weight class. And looked my best ever.

I worked with Team Excel this off season, had my best gains ever, and as I prep for this year’s masters at the southerns and nationals in July, I know I will be my biggest, most ripped, leanest, condition ever.

I cannot thank Asha and Rob enough for their help. They are not just coaches, they are friends, and truth be told, more like family. They care about their athletes, deeply.

If you are looking for people to help you get to the next level, or to even just improve your health and lifestyle, look no further, you have found them by looking at their site.

—Trent Larson

Ashley Cutforth TestimonialI came to Asha and Rob at the ripe age of 18, they helped me transform my body into something i could never even believe was possible, not only did they introduce me to the sport of body building they helped build my self-esteem and taught me so much about nutrition and self-love. They pushed me mentally and physically but always putting my health first. These are not cookie cutter coaches, they design programs that are made for you and they genuinely care for every single client. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for these two wonderful people, when I joined team excel, I did not just hire a coach, I joined a family.

— Ashley Cutforth

Natasha Frost TestimonialI’ve been working with Asha since February 2012 and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. I have incredible energy, and great new muscles.  Before I started competing I never thought I could stick to a competition diet. When Asha first sent me my nutrition plan I couldn’t believe how much food I had to eat, not to mention all the choices I had with each meal. My meal plan was so healthy and good for my body that it has now become part of my lifestyle. Asha truly cares about her clients. She’s always a text or email away and responds to all my questions/concerns promptly. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Asha will lead you every step of the way.

— Natasha Frost

Over the past 5-6 years in the competitive fitness industry I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing coaches! Asha and Rob are definitely high on that list! For me, most of my conversation is with Asha (I would assume that the gents probably speak to Rob more lol). Asha has been so great with my ever changing diet and workouts because of my schedule with photoshoots, competitions, movies and the list goes on. Sometimes I don’t get months notice when I need to diet down and get into “ripped” shape. I don’t have to wait weeks for a response, it comes within hours or at the most a day. Her positive outlook on life, competition, dieting and overall “me” happiness is high priority to her which is exactly what I look for in a coach and confidant. I have found a home with EXCEL and I’m loving every minute of it! I would recommend Rob and Asha to anyone!!

— Julie Kelly, Bodybuilder






kim_macleanI came to Asha and Rob in April of 2010. I had recently come out of a negative situation with another trainer. I now understand why Asha and Rob were referred to me……they simply are the best. They truly love what they do and it shows!! I just started competing not even a year ago, and have come such a long way since then, thanks to their expertise. I look forward to my next show with them by my side supporting me!!!

— Kim MacLean, National Figure Competitor

tracey_riceI met Asha many years ago in 2007 when I first stepped on stage as a tiny bodybuilder. She was the ABBA secretary. As the years passed, she remained on the board but more importantly, she was a constant smiling face to look for at weigh-ins and at all the events. She remembers everyone’s name; that impresses me. In 2010, I volunteered for a show in Calgary and spent the weekend helping out. I also spent time getting to know the Asha & Rob Belisle team that make up EXCEL Fitness and Nutrition. It was during a dinner post show that I realized I wanted to train with them; watching them interact with their clients was refreshing and they immediately treated me like part of their team. I was honoured that they were also excited to have me as a client.

I started an off season diet and program without delay. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to compete again right away but I was planning a tropical vacation about 4 months after starting with them. Thanks to their attention and guidance, I felt and looked amazing heading off to Hawaii.

Upon return, it was time to get serious. Was I to compete again? Should I stick with Bodybuilding or try Figure? Rob and Asha were both so positive and optimistic for either discipline. I decided to venture into the Figure arena. The diet with them was the easiest and least stressful competition diet I have ever taken on. It didn’t even feel like dieting for the majority of the time. Had I questions about the diet or program at any time, the answers were provided and justified. More importantly though, they were always a text message or an email away. Always ready to ease an anxiety or to applaud a success. They are honest in the feedback or criticism they provide and respect each individual athlete’s ethics and integrity. They moulded me from the bodybuilder I was trying to be into a Figure diva in less than 5 months. I am pleased to say, I placed second place at the ABBA Brian & Donna Logue Provincial Championship in June of 2011. This placing was above what I was expecting for myself although I know it is what they believed I could do from the start. I was proud of myself and I was ecstatic to represent the EXCEL team. I went on to represent the ABBA at Nationals in July 2011. It was a fantastic experience and I was honoured to have both Rob & Asha there to support and cheer me on.

I have had such a successful year with competing and I will attest that the reason I rose so high was because of the positive and uplifting foundation that the EXCEL team provided for me. It is because of their guidance, expertise and friendship that I have turned into the competitor that I am. I am looking forward to training with them and representing EXCEL Fitness & Nutrition many more times on stage. More important to me though, is the friendship and closeness we’ve shared and hope to build great memories in the future!

— Tracey Rice, National Figure Competitor

jenny_leIn 2012, I did my first bikini competition without coaches. I found the experience to be overwhelming, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have—mainly because I wasn’t confident in what I was doing. So in 2013, I decided to look for coaches and do another competition. The difference was like night and day. I am so grateful Asha and Rob helped me with my competition prep. With their guidance, I was able to place top five and move on to provincials.

Throughout the process, Asha and Rob became more than my competition coaches. They genuinely cared about me and my wellbeing and supported me 24/7. They understand that we’re all human and we make mistakes. When I had days where I felt unmotivated, I would talk to them and suddenly feel motivated again. They don’t put you down, and they’re able to push you to test your limits. A good coach not only helps you with your body transformation, they help you mentally. And that’s what Asha and Rob do, plus more.

Asha and Rob are people I truly look up to and have the utmost respect for. They’ve really become life coaches for me and truly changed my life. I am so proud to be a part of team EXCEL.

— Jenny Le

jennifer_bensonMy experience with EXCEL Fitness has been amazing. Both Asha and Rob were so supportive with every aspect of the training, my life in general and the show. They always made sure I was doing well and checked in with me regularly.I looked forward to seeing them weekly as it was fun to chat and do my “quarter turns”. They helped with every part of getting ready for the show from getting a suit, to getting hair and makeup done, to letting me know what to expect when I arrived at the competition. They broke everything down so a beginner like me could feel like a pro. I knew they were my biggest fans and I felt so comfortable on stage because they were in the front row cheering me on. This experience helped build my confidence on and off the stage. Much love and thank you!

— Jennifer Benson, Miss Figure Alberta, 2011

kathy_horricksRob and Asha have a passion for health, fitness and the bodybuilding industry; that passion translates to the pride they have in their clients and the success of each client’s goals. They are artists! No other trainer or coach has been able to transform and sculpt my physique like EXCEL Fitness and Nutrition has. With encouragement from Rob and Asha they propelled me every day to reach my goal of doing a figure competition. Together with their hands on approach, customized meal and training plans I not only reached my goal to compete, I was able to compete at a national level. The results speak for themselves. The support I received from Rob and Asha went above and beyond any trainer; aside from the physical changes I made, I grew as a person and that is priceless. I am proud to be part of Team EXCEL!

— Kathy Horricks, National Figure Competitor

tara_jensenAsha and Rob have been instrumental in my success as a competitor and in my growth moving towards consistency in goal setting and lifestyle, not only with my physicality but mental approach. My experience with them has been extremely positive, with open communication encouraged throughout the process. Their care and concern in my success towards my goals goes far beyond my previous experiences. They have a very hands-on approach. They recognize me as a unique individual, tailoring the process for my personal success through diet, exercise, supplementation and the level of support/communication required by my individual needs, mitigating changes along the way. I have never trained or pushed myself this hard in the gym. My customized workout programs have revived my passion in the gym. I am loving the diversity and challenge in all of my programs. Each phase of my process, to the stage and/or goal achievement is always acknowledged and discussed. They are very receptive to me as an individual client. Their nature and approach has created a camaraderie between clients, with a team spirit that has increased the surrounding support in my journey. They lead by example and with integrity. I have nothing but the utmost respect for my trainers, both personally and professionally. It is with whole hearted gratitude that I share this testimony.

— Tara Jensen, National Bodybuilder

danielle_dennisDear Asha!!

I just want to say that you have been the most supportive, trustworthy, encouraging and intelligent with my program and to me as a friend and client!! I’m so grateful to you and Rob for what you’ve helped me achieve!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and friendship! I’m looking forward to what the future with Excel continues to hold for me!!

I love you to bits!!

– Danielle Dennis, Regional Bikini Competitor




I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! As nervous as I was, I had a blast at the show! I loved it. I felt amazing.

Thank you for making it such an achievable goal! Looking back to when I first decided to try and prep, I honestly didn’t think I would make it to the point of being on stage. You’re so encouraging and I couldn’t have done it without you and your support.

I’m unbelievably happy I got up there and did something completely out of my comfort zone. As tough as the process was, it was so worth it. I would do it over again, no problem.


— Sarah Johnson, Regional Bikini Competitor



This has been a long time coming and I finally made some time to write out some of my thoughts in regards to the entire last year of my life. I am a woman of few words when it comes to this, but it’s been almost 400 days since I started this journey with you, Rob and Calli. I have had ups and downs, sometimes crazy ups and downs but you guys were always there to support me and never held any judgement towards my situations or choices. I am so thankful for that and that’s a big thing when having a coach/friend/mentor. You guys are a BIG part of my life, more than you will ever know. I support you and respect your opinions/decisions and look to you guys as true example of love, and leaders. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you guys in my life and with that being said I wouldn’t have been able to come this far without you. My body, mentally and physically has completely changed. My relationship with myself has been the strongest ever, I love myself more, I have more confidence. Words can’t describe how happy I am and I can’t even show how thankful I am for you guys. I just want to say thank you so much for believing in me. Love you lots!!

— Carina Wingerak, Regional Bikini Competitor


EXCEL Fitness… the name says it all! If you are looking to excel in your fitness career, strive for your personal best, or just get healthy, Asha and Rob will surely get you there.

As my personal trainers, Asha and Rob Belisle’s vast knowledge of nutrition, training, competing and marketing oneself in the fitness industry has allowed me to attain and present my best package yet! After taking two years off from competing I never thought in a million years I could attain my IFBB Pro card, yet alone earn it in my first show back. But Asha and Rob made me believe that it was a possibility, and with their expert diet and training regimen they helped transform me into the best shape of my life!

I will never forget my contest prep for 2011, my first year with EXCEL. When it comes to Asha and Rob, they are more than trainers to me, they are family. They are there for you during the good times and the bad, whether it be contest related or something in your personal life. I am truly honored to have these guys in my life and will never forget the memories we’ve shared. One of my favorites was our group hug and the tears we ALL shed (yes the big guy cries, lol) when I turned Pro in Montreal. Winning my Pro card was a team effort… I couldn’t have done it without them.

Every day I look back at pictures from my past years of competing and cannot believe the changes in my body since dieting with EXCEL. Switching to contest preparation and off season training with EXCEL Fitness and Nutrition was the best decision of my fitness career. Asha and Rob made my dreams come true; they made me an IFBB Pro!!!

Lastly, I just want to say that I am truly honored to be working with two individuals who have so much passion for the sport. Asha’s involvement with the Alberta Bodybuilding Association and Status Fitness Magazine along with her Personal Training and Nutrition Education and Rob’s Professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding make this pair a dynamic and highly qualified team. If you want results, and are ready to EXCEL you’ve come to the right place. GO TEAM EXCEL!!!

Crystal Heck, IFBB Pro